Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Day 6.160 Randomness or....

A few random notes on this spectacular Tuesday morning.

It is my least favorite time. A thing they call the election cycle. It flat out disgusts me. And I am not the type of person who is disgusted easily. I have a fairly large capacity for slime, but the 'strategic misrepresentation'  slung about by both sides of the aisle tests even those tolerance boundaries.

As much as I try to shut it out, one must live in a sensory deprivation cave in order to escape the outright falsehoods that are now accepted as political standard operating procedures. Here is the sad part: We buy it.

Today we present our annual lifetime achievement award. It is the antithesis of the Nobel Peace Prize. (Drum roll) This year's award goes to former VP Dick Cheney, (cymbal crash) who takes home the Noble War Prize. Congratulations sir, couldn't go to a finer dick.

We also today (I warned you about the randomness) invite all fanatical Seahawk followers (12 Angry Fans) to pay close attention to the first offensive play of the 2015 season, Friday, August 14 @ 1900 PST versus the Denver Broncos. For nothing other than irony we have it at 10-1 that #24 SHOULD get the ball on a crash dive left.

Lastly on today's random report is this little nugget dug from somewhere deep in the Internet mines. 

"Don't worry about what you don't know,
worry about what you don't do."

I don't really know how all this will work out in the end. What I do know is that I must continue down the mind, body, spirit path and have faith that it will lead to something of value.

Like our knowing that the doing is the knowing. We all know we got to DO this.

Ya know?

Random pic: The Flying Js, Jack (left) & Junior proudly stand behind a random '63 split-window Vette.

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