Monday, June 15, 2015

Day 6.166 WRONG (again)


Looks like we are back to picking the lesser of two evils (lesser of two weevils if you are a Patrick O'Brian fan).

Yup. Do these names cause the hair on your back to sound like fingernails on the chalkboard?

Bush & Clinton.

We are so fucked up. This isn't even about foreign policy, tax cuts, health care or immigration.

IT IS ABOUT MONEY. Equity is money and power is money.

Why in the sane world would our current fearless leader agree to allow one of the slimiest corporations on this planet drill for oil in the last pristine (and I use this word in all its irony) remote and isolated locations?

For the same reason that the same company has been spending millions of dollars to ensure that solar power stays embryonic? The same way that FOMOCO and GM keep those bastard electric cars off the road as long as possible? The auto industry is in bed with big oil? Oh my. Scandalous.

Could it truly be that this lobby is pulling the strings on puppet politicians? News at eleven.

And we are supposed to vote for one?


How screwed up is that?

Just what we need - the brother of a former President and the son of a former President - all hog tied to the oil industry. Thousands of courageous men and women have given their lives in the line of duty, grossly accepted as collateral damage by a government that has no pride in anything but the bottom line.


The next time some hypocritical devout and hyper-pius Christian tries to convince me that capitalism is good and America is the land of the free, I just might puke. You may turn the other cheek but I am ready to kick some ass.

We are being held hostage by corporate profits. It is sick and it is sinful. Innocent people die like spawning salmon as we sing and salute the demigod we have created.

The insidious part is that when I choose to opt out of the process - that is exactly what they want me to do. My vote has more value to one party, one candidate and one agenda, when I refuse to use it for general principles.

How can anyone with half a conscious participate in an election so rigged, so fixed and so manipulated?

Because I choose not to play this pathetic part, I cannot comment or complain, right? Is that how the patriotic propaganda preys?


I need to go for a ride.

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