Friday, June 26, 2015

Day 6.177 Doh!

Secretly, behind closed doors, and with extreme prejudice, they laugh.

At us.

PT and WC are rolling hysterically in their graves.

We fell for another one.

If it weren't so pathetic, if it wasn't for the loss of innocent lives and the pending dummy-down back-lash, I might chortle as well.

The GOP should be covertly funneling neatly bound wads of dough with the caricature of Obama's predecessors to an off-shore account in his name.

They have gamed us again, preying on our uncanny ability to be fooled again and again.

in a sub-plot worthy of 24, this is what really happened:

The masters of neocon capitalism won another round. The good-old boys are richer than ever, having created another layer of defense between the hapless 'free & brave' Americans, the former denizens of the middle class and their booty.

With a sleight of hand motion passing before our very weary eyes, in a room of smoke and mirrors, the deceit and subterfuge happened again.

They wanted another distraction. Don't look here lemmings, (war, corruption, scandal, oil, energy and environmental atrocities), look here non-voting but valuable spending multitudes, (legal pot, same-sex marriage, affordable (?) health care, shiny gadgets and an iPhone in every pocket) and be happy. Go to Wal-Mart and dance your fat ass up and down those skinny isles. Spend less- live more. OMG!

What a major victory!! Hurray for us!!!! A victory for Justice!!!! Raise the rainbow flag and lower the union jack, whoopee!

You think that Exxon-Mobil, Monsanto, AT&T, Koch Industries and Dick Cheney really care that you can now puff while holding hands in public and not get tossed into the big house with thousands of other dangerous enemy combatants of similar MO?

Look, I dislike the GOP as much as the next guy, but they orchestrated a masterful play here.

They picked our pockets once again. It was brilliant.

We have been played. Wait, where's my wallet?

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