Thursday, June 4, 2015

Day 6.155 Fool in a Helmet

Damn. I didn't think it could happen.

It did.

I ASSUMED that the lot I looked at, and was a day away from closing, was wall-to-wall dirt between the two houses. Turns out that it was just half. Only two of the four TINY lots.

I am the fool. But happy that I went on a last minute mission to get a solid answer. A clearer answer to a simple question I felt the owners were a touch evasive upon.

The square footage of all the lots was barely adequate to build and develop. Cutting that in half makes it impossible. Or ridiculously expensive. Same thing.

Out of the question.

So I am out.

Back to square one.

Nothing and nowhere.

At least I saved 17 large.

And have the good sense to wear a helmet.

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