Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Day 6.167 The Model

The Model.

A state by state video/GPS/web site where the intrepid indoor rider may view, on demand, rides, races, hillclimbs, classic routes from each of our beautiful 50 states. Including Alaska, Hawaii and the USVI. I will get to Samoa if the project sees positive cash flow in the first six months (smiley face emoji here).

I have been pondering the ways and means of this ambitious pedaling project for some time now. After this morning's virtual route search, starting in Richmond, VA, home of the World Road Cycling Championships, and ending atop Mt. Mitchell in Burnsville, NC, those two would take the list to 30 of the federal republic's 50, plus the federal district known simply as DC.

30 of 50. 60%. Not a bad start.

I will be adding the famous Skyline Drive in the Shenandoah NP in Virginia next month. With the additional footage from Richmond and the trek to Mt. Mitchell (a five hour drive) the total will stand at 31.

I have also been planning a loop of Montana, the Dakotas, Nebraska and Eastern Oregon. That would skyrocket the total to 35, and take us to a respectable 70% by the end of summer. Again, not bad.

Of course there would be a global, International tab as well. I have been sitting on what I consider to be, excellent video excerpts from France, the UK, Germany, Lanzarote, Spain, Australia, Canada and Mexico.

We could make this happen. I need a sponsor. I need a web designer.

I will do the rest.

There is your model.

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