Thursday, June 11, 2015

Day 6.162 Wicked

Since (re) taking over the Wednesday night (1845) spin sessions at the Club, it is becoming apparent that the time between sets (AKA recovery) needs to be addressed. It used to be routine. A hard set in the morning, the day to recover, and another in the evening.

Not anymore.

After the last two morning sets, and to be truthful, we just finished an eight week block of Super Eights (all out 30 second efforts followed by 90 seconds of recovery X10), so heightened muscular fatigue might be expected, but not absolute exhaustion and inability to preform acts any greater than eating, sleeping and keeping the blog streak alive.

My way of dealing with the evening class has been the old standby: Make it hard and make it challenging. That way I won't  fall asleep on the wheel.

Loud, obnoxious music helps too.

Wishing I had another hour to recover yesterday afternoon, I mashed up a protocol that I felt would serve the purpose well. I called it 1 + 1.

10 minute warm-up
Seated @ 15 for one minute
Add a gear every minute until 19, five minutes total
Rest and Recover @ 7/120 for one minute
Stand for one minute at gear 20.
Rest and recover @ 7/120 for one minute.

Repeat seven times.

I didn't think it would kick my ass quite as completely as it did.

But I felt mysteriously refreshed afterwards and even chipper this morning. Two cups of French Press and I was off for my 5K.

Tonight we are back in the PB for a 2z20 set..

We all know that rest & recovery are crucial for training and racing success.

They are unexacting sciences. How much, how long and when are challenges that every multi-sport athlete faces.

Everything we do is with the hope that extended endurance will result.

My nap today, therefore, should get me ready for tonight. And tonight ready for tomorrow.

And tomorrow for race day.

Pic is of the 1 + 1 hill repeat profile. Go ahead, try it at home!

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