Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Day 6.161 Why Not?

As our joyful participation in this world of sorrow stumbles onward, we find ourselves attempting the impossible challenge of figuring it all out.

I mean, yo world, WTF?

You will remember the immortal plight of Simon Wagstaff, a fearless pioneer of time and space  who searched the entire known (at the time) galaxy in search of an adequate answer to a single question.

The question was this: "Why are we put on Earth only to face suffering and eventual death?"

Good one, eh?

Simon, after light years in search, finally discovers the planet  the supreme being calls home. He has to pass a series of tests in order to have an audience with the Grand Poobah, a giant cockroach.

After passing the tests, he is ushered into the royal roach motel (just past the pearly gates) and instructed that he will be granted one question. Just one. "Hi there, how 'ya doing? Would, under the rules, constitute the one. 

As I have already supplied you with advanced itel on his query, we shall cut to the ultimate metaphysical inquiry's answer without any unnecessary quantum mechanics or astrophysics.

But first, please allow me to suggest that all this worldly strife, struggle and shit-storm of suffering, in my non-rochian view, is the spice. It provides challenge, color and a sublime backdrop for our quest of self-realization. I mean, really, anybody can sing on a sunny day. What happens to your tune when the clouds roll in and the Gortex comes out?

So bring it. Gimme your best shot. Let 'er rip. T it up. Let's rumble.

"Why not?"

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