Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Day 6.174 Long & Strange

This is, after all, a journal of this long and strange trip. To date it has been long (in human years) and strange (by any measurement).

Yesterday in the attempt to describe the value of a workout log to Junior, I mentioned the fact that the data we record on a daily basis can be used to our benefit down the line.

Down the line?


Next week?

More like next year.

We are going to be doing this next year?

The same thing - just more of it. And faster, and longer, and better.

Oh, OK, I'll write it down.

We have logged a week's worth so far. A timed mile (7:40) and yesterday's cyclecross (19:40). In between we have been doing strength and conditioning work. It has been fun.

What hasn't been fun is my post workout reaction to the week's double-sessions. Last night was the worst yet. Serious chest pain, dizziness. I felt so bad that I had no desire to watch the final two episodes of Season 7. I trust Tony will somehow redeem himself and Kim will donate DNA to save Jack -  so I went to bed with an hour of summer daylight left to burn.

And laid there monitoring the cardio imbalance for several hours. A constant reminder of our fragile connection to the world and the rapidity with which we come and go.

This trip seems to be getting stranger.

Last night I wondered how much longer.

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