Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Day 6.175 A Box of Rats

I try to be safe when I ride my bike.

Commuting isn't racing.

There are rules. The rules are in place to protect the innocent.

And the stupid, inattentive and those under the influence.

I see this every day. The sheer volume raises the potential of disaster exponentially. I used to call this the rat-in-the shoe-box-theory.

One rat in the box is a pet. Two create issues, depending on the their gender. Three is a nightmare and any number more than three is total chaos with the odds of the immanent onset of war above 99%.

My rat-in-a-shoe-box theory was used to (sometimes) great effect when we were discussing (arguing) overpopulation and its causes and effects.

Now we are seeing the over populace spilling out and onto the streets.

Where we innocently ride our bikes, sharing the road (and cheese) with all the other rats in this non-race.

In order to do this successfully we, as unarmed, under protected, totally exposed and fragile homo-sapiens, must:


We are out-numbered and outgunned. They have the advantage in every area.

But one.

We can be more aware. We can stay focused longer. We can take evasive maneuvers quicker. We can anticipate. We can defer. We can get the heck out of harm's way before it arrives. We must be smarter.

As much as I try to champion the combined assets of fitness and focus into our training, let me add one more: The better your ability to see 'the now' quicker and how it could catastrophically Rube Goldberg into your wheelhouse at the blink of an eye, and the better your physical ability (confidence) to take immediate evasive action, the better your chances.

Of getting out of the shoe box unscathed.

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