Friday, August 1, 2014

Day 210, A chance to be special

There are so many correlations to sports. The metaphors seem almost endless. Yet, many miss the obvious.

At its most banal, sports are proxy for war. And we guardians of the kingdom (men) reserve the inherent right to protect, secure, provide and battle all aggressors. Yes, over the millennia we have evolved, adding a wee bit of diplomacy, into a peace-loving tribe, but that doesn't cover our penchant for 'me (us) against you (them)'. We are hard-wired for war, some say.

So we substitute, wisely, balls for guns. And in no way do I comment here on the de-masculinity of our society.

Naturally the perfect example is football. Sorry but I don't recognize TV sports like Pro Wrestling and UFC. They simply jumped the shark for violent profit. It's like cock fighting with felons in cages. Yuk.

Back to football. Hit, tackle, block, protect, run, pass, score. You get four chances to move the ball 10 yards or give a turn to the other squad (army). It is turf warfare at its finest. There is finesse, sure, but the basic premises is to ram the ball down the throat of the opposition. Then those of different colors attempt to tear your head off and then, conveniently just pick up the lose ball up and present it as a gift to their offense.

Nice. Simple. Obvious. Right? Violence with theater.

So this morning as I made the news service rounds, which includes three sites devoted solely to University of Washington and their purple and gold Huskies, it became apparent, through all the hype, homerism and verbosity, that this year's team has a chance to be special.

"A chance to be special."

What the hell does THAT mean?

And I was off and running for daylight with juxtaposition and metaphoric conjecture.

It means that IF several components all mesh nicely into place, and IF the current roster of experience and flash gel, and IF the new coaching staff can instill the culture of integrity and success as they have at other schools in the past, and IF we remain injury free, and IF several 'stars' rise to the occasion and are able to assume leadership roles, and IF we get the benefit of a few reviewed calls, and IF we can find suitable replacement for the starts that are now playing in the NFL, and IF every one of the 22 starting warriors buys in to the magic, and IF we find that chemistry necessary to over-achieve as a team, we might, with luck, grace, presence, attribute and technique.

Win a game or two.

The same way that today (this week and every Saturday after) is an opportunity for YOU to be special. You have the chance to be special in the exact same way that the Dawgs do.


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