Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Day 222

I am trying to create a journal of the change. In order to draw upon the data as experience down the line. I feel this is important and nobody is going to do it but me. It is my case study. This is n=1. And I tend to forget.

So this has morphed into that for the time being. It is the most important thing going, so might as well.

Today was another rite of passage. I felt it as a possibility yesterday but kept a tight lid on it as long as possible. One part from fear one part from counsel. "You won't fell like doing much for a week or so," I was warned by the medical staff, and they were right. But as the degree of symptomatic severity reduced over the last couple of days, the idea of returning to work (training) slowly found its way through the mind-maze and came to the table asking full-throated if it was time.

I don't know. I didn't know yesterday and I was still prepared to bail five minutes from spin time this morning.

But I hopped in the saddle and peddled slowly and with minimal amounts of power and cadence. Watching my heart rate monitor like a working man in overtime, we (the team and I) made it through a set of five minute hill repeats. Had it of been a real ride I would have finished as the sweep. And that was fine.

After a week in recovery, I was back. Made it through and am here to tell about it.

My HR is taking an eternity to come down. But that is part of the process as well.

All recorded for the record.


Day 222.

Pic is of my sano little set up at the Lake Stevens 70.3 expo last year. They go again Sunday.

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