Thursday, August 28, 2014

Day 236

First the A-Fib update. Today was harsh. A return of the visual issue. It's like there is a hole in the center of my vision. I can focus fine solo in either eye, but when I put them together (both eyes wide open) there is a glaring and unsettling area missing. Making it impossible to read, edit video or maintain any sort of equilibrium. It also gives me a headache and upsets my stomach.

I can remember something like this as a kid. Playing catch with Dad and suddenly this flashing non-image, appearing somewhat like Mr Scott beaming Kirk and Spock back to the Enterprise, interferes with my ability to do, well, anything. I also remember getting hit on the head playing football and having the same vision issue once. Today, it lasted almost all morning, combined with some fairly serious stomach issues. I am feeling about 50% better and about to head out to try a 2x20 set at the PB, so we'll see what the response is to exercise.

Most of the posts I have found on-line suggest that this helps. Some even go so far as to say that hard efforts actually take them BACK to sinus rhythm from bouts of AF.

And while that hasn't been my luck as yet, I remain committed to the effort.

Lot's of other stuff going on, much of which will be updated over the next few days. Tonight the Pac-12 kicks off, Saturday the Huskies will kick the stuffing out of the Rainbow Warriors and a week from today we head out for Madison, WI and Ironman Moo.

So keep your eyes open and stick around. Could get interesting.

You know that sign says No Sitting on Sign. 

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