Sunday, August 24, 2014

Day 232, The HR

Great day in the Pacific Northwest. We drove to the base of the mountain, off-loaded our bikes, rode to the top, took five and then rode back down.

A delight we have done many times. Yet it never seems to get old. I had some "issues" from mile 14 on, zapping the power I started with, HR reaching 179, but very manageable and the descent was as fun as always.

I especially enjoyed the feeling of "sidewall traction" leaning into the turns without braking. Chris passed me at one point screaming, "we hit 40" into the wind.

I sang Phish tunes in three tunnel harmony.

We all agreed that the day was special.

As should be.

Pix: Chris, Darren, Sarah and I. Try to guess who did NOT ride.

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