Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Day 214 ALIVE

I really wanted to take my laptop to the hospital. I knew going in that talking them OUT of an overnight stay was going to be tough. So I held out hope that I could somehow post something that would give the consecutive streak its continuance.

That ended up not being the issue.

Six hours of the heart procedure kicked my butt and by the time I was back in the recovery room, my blood pressure wasn't responding well, staying below 80 for almost three hours. By the time they checked me in to my room, it was 2100 and I wanted to sleep.

So I apologize.

I have written, on more than one occasion, under the influence of various substances, so I am quite sure that after all that trauma, even spell check would have been challenged.

NTL, here it is for the streak, a mere 214 days, nothing HUGE in the true scope of things, but something.

There were some high points along with the obvious low, I learned some, had a few gross generalizations debated, defined detailed. Met several outstanding professionals and patients.

And came away with a different point of view.

As the swelling subsides, the inflammation lessons and my heart adopts to the change, I feel that we have done some real good. I am anxious, excited and ready for the next phase.

Tomorrow should be indicative of the changes to follow.

We have done no harm.

And the streak is alive.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your successful transition.

KML5 said...

Thank you, I am going to make the best of the wonderful opportunity given to me.