Sunday, August 10, 2014

Day 219, Next?

Sorry if this has turned to a workout log of alternate events.

Used to be pretty much swim, bike and run as topics du jour.

Now it's sleep, deal with symptoms, convalesce, go to hospital.

I apologize to you as much as I do to me. I hate this shitzel.

Today was another tough one, From the get-go I felt horrible, light-headed, pulsing heart, crackling shoulders, massive headache on the right side and serious dizziness.

Had to concentrate on every movement just to get to the next. Try it sometime.

The big question was whether or not to drive up to see Junior's Mom on her birthday. It would involve two ferry trips and 150 miles. Sunday's in the Summer around here are nightmares for the locals. You can guess why.

But we made it. I had trouble concentrating, hearing and keeping from talking to myself. The latter because it probably wouldn't have been over encouraging for Junior to hear me repeat a 'stay calm, relax, find and escape route, breathe, you're doing fine' mantra for three hours. So I cranked the Phish and smiled a lot.

I am 99% sure I have already slipped back into A-Fib. I can't find caryatid strong enough and wrists are worse. An hour ago I strapped on my Polar FTI and it went from 73 to 48 the second I laid down. It is back at 75 now. All I am doing is standing and typing.

Something is amok.


What now?

I have no idea. I am going to call the lead cardiologist in the morning and open a new discussion thread.

What shall we call this one?


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