Thursday, August 7, 2014

Day 216, Serious Aloha

This is my first hangover.

My head hurts, my tongue feels like sandpaper, everything posterior from throat to groin is in a vacuum of pain and I can't negotiate even the slightest of tasks without maximum effort. I sneezed an hour ago and I can still feel the vibrations.

All this and I haven't had a beer since Monday. Truth be known I haven't drank any hard liquor since Jimmy Carter was in office (or soon afterwards.)

They call it a anesthesia hangover, and man I got a good one.

Coupled with the trauma to my poor heart during the ablation procedure, and also that I am hearing tales of folks taking 3-6 MONTHS to return to any form of rigor, no wonder I feel slightly North of dog shit.

Seriously, I thought I would be back in the saddle my now. Slow, but at least moving some. I can't even walk to the garage without stopping to correct my posture and take a breath. YIKES! And ease up on the heel strikes please!

But, so be it.

If it takes a while, fine. I will learn patience. If it takes effort, no problem, I can give. If it takes persistence, I got some in storage somewhere.

I just want to have my athletic limiters be improvable by training. None of this 'you got a bad heart' stuff. I do not want to be constantly looking at my training as if it was going to kill me instead of heal me. It is hard enough.

So let's get on with it.

I will ask for guidance and support from those that offer assistance. Like the brilliance from The Athlete's Heart. I will be as patient as I am able. I will go slow and re-build from the start. I will stretch and lift and do yoga. I will even swim once in a while (that is a joke for those that I train with.)

Then I will hammer the bike and nail the run. THAT is no joke.

I get these flashing glimpses of an 'all new me' and it feels like heaven. Usually this is right before a huge volume of blood suddenly plunges over the ventricle spillway at lightspeed and crashes the party, but for one ecstatic micro-second, I almost feel, *GASP*, young again.

Or young enough to ride and run fast enough to Q for Kona. SO let it be known, here, today, that

I do NOT want to sample a hair of the dog. No sireee Bob Babbitt.

So stick around, this might be an interesting ride.

AND WE GOT A COMMENT YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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