Thursday, July 31, 2014

Day 209 Norm

In my 'Golden Years' as a TV junkie, two of my all time faves were Beverly Hillbillies and Cheers.

Now the only time I watch TV is in motel rooms when I am on the road and ready for bed. I am proud to say that I have not watched any TV since 1983. And if it wasn't for College Football, specifically the UW Huskies, I wouldn't watch at all. I do not own a TV.

But back to Uncle Jed and Mayday.

I was thinking about being even. In no debt. I had to sell off a lot of stuff, including my cabin, to get 'here', but 'here' I am. In the black. But that is changing soon as I prepare to invest in my brother's business (a pizza joint) tomorrow.

So I laugh out loud, driving home from a rocking PB session, sipping an ice cold IPA on a spectacular summer evening.

Yes, I will break the law for rare moments of complete nirvana such as these.

I see Norm heading into Cheers to a resounding chorus of his name. Pretty cool.

Then I see Uncle Jed walking into his BANK and having management lay rose petals at his feet as HE enters.

I thought to myself, the hell with Cheers, gimme Ms Hathaway and Drysdale.

Photo: The boat to 'here'.

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