Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Day 200 motor

I am on my Goldwing. Wind in face, power under control, a few drops of rain. Although the skies threaten, right now they are blue and gray. I feel fine.

I look at gauges. The big two on top measure speed and frequency. One is a speedometer measuring in MPH and the other a tachometer telling me how many RPMs per minute it is taking to maintain this speed.

There are three smaller gauges under the big two.


How hot? How much? How efficient?

You know where I am going with this.

It is the same as when we train indoors. Those are the critical data points. We heed their message or pay the price.

How fast am I going and what is my goal?
What is my cadence and how does it affect the ratio?
What is my operating temperature?
How much gas do I have in the tank?
Do I have the current and flow to maintain this effort?

I am the motor. I can be tuned, ready and efficient or I can breakdown, rust, crash.

Spinning takes a lot more than simply rolling the throttle. To go fast in traffic takes practice, effort, determination. You have to want to upgrade your motor.

Or ride your Goldwing everywhere.

And as footnote, today's post is the 200th of 2014. That is 200 consecutive posts. And remember the idea....could we go 365 without a comment? 200 of 365 in the books. Thanks.

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