Thursday, July 24, 2014

Day 202

Whew! Good one.

An hour delay out of Sea-Tac almost caused a missed connection in Phoenix but with a decent 40 I was last one to board.

Four hours to Newark. I THINK I got some sleep but who ever really goes deep to REM at 37,000?

Rental car was a breeze despite my phobia about having a hole punched in my DL because of the moto endorsement added on Tuesday, with the new one in the mail. Budget would have slammed the door on my hand.

Three hundred miles and six hours later I pulled into the Tail 'O the Pup in Ray Neck, NY, halfway between Lake Placid and Saranac Lake. A cheeky dive I have stayed at twice in the golden days of RCV production, roughly isolated as 2007-2009.

I went down the road to the Price Chopper to stock up my tiny, rustic, all-together thrashed cabin with supplies and upon return trip one-lane 86 was bumper to bumper.

An accident, a bad one. I saw fire, rescue, choppers.

U turn. Visited the Olympic Training Center, the IM Expo, saw some old friends and drove all the way around past Whiteface Mtn to get stuck in traffic from the opposite direction.

Finally make it back.

At the BBQ I foraged for a salad, corn bread and maize on the cob. And a pint of Guinness.

Time for a nap. That was a good one!

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