Saturday, July 26, 2014

Day 204

Sometimes you have to fight.

It's not always easy, walking in the park.

If you don't assert yourself, others will assert for you.

Decisions must be made to your highest calling and, in some cases, for your immediate needs.

I will not go quiet into that good night.

You have had your time, your opportunity and your space.

You treated me like a child. You played CEO with my internship.

I trusted you to do what was right and for our respective best interests.

When the going got tough, you bailed.

You kicked me under the fucking Grey Dog.

Still I stayed, hoping that time might provide the revenue and acceptance necessary for a new understanding.

As market share dropped like a brick from a bridge.

Any wonder?

You had your chance, now I have mine.

Good luck, I wish you well.

No hard feelings, but this time I am going to fight.

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