Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Day 207, Newark to Seattle

I sit patiently a half hour from the airport. My flight is in four hours. Some food, gas, traffic, rental car return, air-train to terminal, TSA. I have time. Use wisely.

I will be spending the better part of the day, nine hours, en-route home. I have two important papers to author. Point A is Newark, Point B, Seattle. Phoenix is A1 but that is another issue altogether.

I want to start with something positive, and I fear that some of my recent posts have been slipping towards the shadows. Like the dream I had last night. I can summarize in one plot line:

She was desperate to keep him forever. He had a plane to catch. She wasn't hearing him warn of the urgency. Finally, pointing at his watch, he cried,  "I have to go, like RIGHT NOW". And he was as gone as she.

One of the papers (A) is for a triathlete competing in his first Ironman Sunday. He is nervous. My job as training partner is to provide calming support. The work is finished, he has done an outstanding job in both his preparation and his fund-raising, hitting aggressive targets on each. And now, race week is finally here. My topical, thematic outline:

Fun - wonder.

Those should get him to the run special needs station at mile 13. From there it is all about:


The pix are from my cabin in Lake Placid. Build in the 20's to house the rich and famous of Albany and NYC temporarily 'vacating' their jobs and cities, I first noticed the bear and then scanned the walls for more. To my amazement, I was staying in a knotty pine menagerie. Who knows when these were done, and by whom.

The wonder factor again.

I am off.

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