Thursday, October 29, 2015

Day 10.212 No Looking Back

Day went long.

But amazingly well.

We did our 0700 core workout from which I hustled down the road to catch the ferry.

My checkup with UW Med cardiology went better than expected with the walk-away change being we have reduced the frequency - not the dosage - of that nasty amiodorone stuff. We will experiment with an every other day schedule and chart the progress. My Electrophysiologist warned that we might see an increase of AF incidents, but that even that is 50/50. A chance I will take if the symptoms from the drug stand even this slightest change of a reduction of frequency, intensity or duration.

Please remember that this is the old 'Experiment of One' scenario, with that one being your humble servant.

The best part of the visit was getting the aforementioned specialist to do an interview with me for the new site providing an alternative medical opinion on the AF debate. If you cannot recall that, please check the Ask Your Dad post from last week.

After the hospital visit I have ten minutes to get to CT for the big presentation. I was five minutes lat but Chuck was 55 minutes late. When we finally sat down in the conference room, it was all mine.

He and Roger really liked the idea and everything about the new site, including all the bells and whistles which usually they do not, being from the old school vanilla black and white sales, promotion and marketing crowd. This represents the necessary impetus to move forward. And move forward fast.

Tomorrow is the interview with the REV3 folks, so, as they say, we have hit the ground running.

And I do not plan on looking back.

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