Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Day 10.189 Wheels, Wind & Will

Something about riding stimulates the creative process.

Maybe it's time in saddle with pumping oxygenated blood flowing to fertilize the arid desert of my western hemisphere. Maybe it is the all too scarce quiet time, a meditative hour spent with no-one but my own private circus. My daily meeting with the monkey management team.

Same phenomena with running. I have been nursing an inflamed left (of course) hip flexor for almost two months now, with the latest (self) diagnosis being bursitis. I can sum up the sensation in one word: Ouch!  But only when I run. Footstrike trauma to blame as the usual overuse suspect. There is significantly less ouch-ness when turning nice round circles on the bike, inside or out.

We (nephew and I) ran an easy two miler yesterday. This was in-between a morning hour spin and an evening 2x20 set. It felt good. Now the challenge is ramping back up safely and efficiently. Here we go.

As we ran I had this acronymic revelation:


When wheels are legs.
When wind is cardio vascular fitness, and
when will is the desire to improve.

A great combination I believe.

Go out and run or stay in and spin, then see what you think.

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