Saturday, October 3, 2015

Day 10.186 Rude Entitlements


This entitlement thing seems to be gaining traction. 

I was at a waterfront park talking about some serious stuff with my brother. He is currently seeing the world through bleak colored glasses. He is feeling helpless, overwhelmed and defeated.

We are sitting on a bench as I try my best to offer counsel, or at the very least support.

From behind us a voice is asking to use my brother's cell phone. I turn to look at a disheveled young man, mid-thirties sporting an out of control five day growth. He is a little scary looking and he makes the thumb and pinkie pantomime to me in the universal signal for the phone.

Left mine in the truck, sorry man.

He then asks for a ride to the store to buy some food.

My brother, in a civil and polite tone tells him that we are in an important discussion and could he please give us a few moments to finish.

He grunts an insult and I feel my blood pressure head into the red zone, but I return to the dialogue, ignoring his rudeness.

We finish and stand to leave. He is standing about twenty feet away and asks again if he can get a ride to the store.

I tell him that the cab is full but if he would like he can hop in the back that I would gladly take him to the convenience store even though it is the exact opposite direction of our destination.

Just to the store, he asks impatiently, and not back?

Best I can do right now friend.

I am not going to walk back.


We leave.

This morning a class regular sat using a mobile device as we were winding down in yoga fashion after a particular interesting 90 minute deeply meditative spin session.

Evidently she didn't understand how I see this as rude and disrespectful. To everyone, not just me.

Further, she confronted me after class about 'calling her out'.

I guess we all are entitled to rudeness and disrespect.

Just please keep it out of my house.


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