Friday, October 2, 2015

Day 10.185 Rev3 & RCV

Spent the entire morning writing. Cross my heart.

Not too surprising, eh?

The type of writing is the caveat.

I found out via a press release that one of our former clients has split from a partnership and are in the process of 're-launching' their events. Back to the core races with which they have been very successful.

The group is Rev3. There are the locations of their six 2016 races:

Knoxville, TN, May 15*
Lake Quassy, Middlebury, CT, June 4*
Williamsburg, PA, June 12
The Pocono Mtns. PA, Aug 7
Old Orchard Beach, Maine, Aug 28
Sandusky, OH Sept 11

My proposal includes all of their events, partial sponsorship and a promotional presence at each location. I will spare you the financial details. Those, as they say, are on a need to know basis.

Currently the model is the standard one, I run the expo booth and shoot race day video for RCV production.

Here is the twist: We are working R&D to send live video feeds from the events. With pre-loaded GPS course profile of the course, one can ride the entire bike leg while watching a live feed from the event. All in the comfort (or pain) of one's own home, garage, cave, studio, MR Center or wherever one has access to power, a computer and a CompuTrainer.

Is that cool? The technology has been around for a long time, but now it is available to the common blue collar working man (me) for just short of both arms, both legs and firstborn son.

We are trying to make it work.

Maybe I should be spending my entire afternoon working instead of writing.

So here is your exclamation point ending the former and setting up the ladder. !

* RCV currently available here.

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