Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Day 10.210 That's Why

We have moved our strength/conditioning/cardio/adventure cross-training sessions to the morning. These with my fearless nephew who will be turning 13 in a little over two weeks.

Up until yesterday our high energy sessions took place after his school and homework just before my evening indoor cycling sessions in the PowerBarn. It was a grind for me dealing with traffic, time and temperament, the last mostly mine.

So we decided to give the mornings a try, 20-30 minutes at 0700. This would allow him a brisk cardio and conditioning  work-out with ample time for a shower, breakfast and trot up the street to catch the bus. Yesterday was out virgin set and it worked out well, despite him getting a touch light headed at the onset.

This morning we added water, chocolate milk and a couple of juicy strawberries to the pre-workout mix and set about on our way.

His Dad, my brother, was leaving for work when we were out the door on our pre-dawn hike, loaded with backpacks and flashlights. It was raining lightly, a fine mist masking the almost full moon.

His Dad asked us why we were going for a hike in the dark and rain.

It was to be an out and back, about a mile and a half and we immediately began talking about subjects he was learning in school, French, algebra, social studies and civics. He is a smart kid, even amused that I had corrected a homework assignment before our start by circling the word separate that he, like thousands of others had spelled it the way it is pronounced, an e instead of an a.

We got to the bottom of a grade where I emphasized the pace and breathing necessary for this jaunt. I mentioned how clean the air was at this glorious time of day.

I remembered what his Dad had asked as we headed up the driveway.

A coyote pup hurried across the road just ahead of us and seemed to stop half way to look at us.

That's why, I said aloud.

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