Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Day 10.190 Ritual

I find it both refreshing and amazing that my simple existence on this wordily platform contains so many opportunities for growth.

My latest book on tape is a seminar by Caroline Myss. She has always held a power over me due to her concise talent in explaining what should be by now glaringly obvious. She speaks of mysticism, shamanism, chakras, physic power, and all things spiritual. To me she is the yin to the yang of Carlos Casteneda, Joseph Campbell and Tao of Physics author Fritjof Capra. With the understanding that the archetypes she examines transcend modern stereotypes. Man is warrior, prince, jester, alchemist. Women a goddess, mother, healer, prostitute, artist. Part of her opening remarks were on the challenge, quest, duty of every human being to find the synergistic combinations of these archetypes to change our spirit energy into matter, words and thoughts into action.

This to me is thrilling. She is on to something hugely important. Especially in this time-crunched culture we have created for ourselves.

In an immediate segue she gracefully choreographed a move to the topic of the power of ritual. She engaged the audience with questions of their mornings. How they woke and the routine preparations for a long day of mirth. Most men's went something like this:

Shit, shower, shave, coffee, bacon, e-mail, commute.

Most women answered:

Stretch, water, hair, tea, TV.

As I attentively listened while navigating the damp roads to our Wednesday morning 0530 spin session I mentally created my own list. Here is what appeared on that list:

Pee, brush teeth, make coffee, pack kit, e-mails and NPR, toast, commute. And here is the biggie:


A ritual. A practice. An alchemy. A very wholesome and valuable lifestyle choice enacted.

There is power in ritual.

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