Sunday, October 4, 2015

Day 10.187 Of World Class

Today was another Hurricane Ridge ride. I have done plenty, but never seem to tire of the challenge, the scenery and the glow upon completion. And breakfast after.

RT was a full ten hour day and well worth it.

Not so much because my partners today were making their virgin assaults but because, as always I use this ride, 17 miles up to 5,200 feet and another 17 back down at white-knuckle Mach 5, as a cycling fitness gauge.

I did OK. Felt strong, never coming even close to over-exertion and enjoying every minute and mile. All fueled by one slice of peanut butter and honey at 0600 and one bottle of water.

It was as clean and crisp today as I have ever seen it. Spectacular in every way.

This ride will be a cornerstone element on the event wheel of the new site. I'll pick up at the Bainbridge ferry terminal, shuttle to PA, lead the ride and support it, and shuttle the intrepid customers back. All for what? Besides grins.

I am trying my best to price point the prestige. I know many European riders who would jump at this.

And rightfully so. As I said to one of the riders today who asked me to compare HR to some famous International climbs…

…She is, as they say, of world class.

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