Thursday, October 8, 2015

Day 10.191 Good, better, best

GOOD: Riding your bike?
BETTER: Riding for performance improvements indoors.
BEST: Using precise power protocols with motivational video accompaniment!

This format, the good, better, best comparison, is one we will consider utilizing in our roll-out campaign. It is somewhat of a knock-off of the classic and successful MasterCard "Priceless" campaign, which I consider to be an outstanding work of advertising genius. One can almost see Don Draper smiling as it is pitched to the MC advertising directors.

Behind the scenes and under the hood we are making consistent progress. Yesterday's marketing status report meeting went well. I am enthused and excited about the possibilities of the new project. We hammered out several key points and now have a clear model from which to work. I will detail it later for your consideration, review and commentary.

Another first is taking place this very evening in our local training center, The PowerBarn (soon to become our production studio for the indoor video training series and available exclusively at - see the hook?) as we sync two of my favorite things, college football and indoor cycling.

The big game, UW vs USC, on the big screen as we push big power on the CompuTrainers. This will test the system for subsequent use with the new video series.

GOOD: College Football.
BETTER: College Football and indoor cycle training.
BEST: A UW win as we cheer from the saddle.

We will need to ride with Lady Luck tonight if the Dawgs are to bite the Trojans again. But I do love a hopeless underdog.

GOOD: The game on HD in the PB.
BETTER: A great workout and entertaining accompaniment.
BEST: Huskies 31 USC 28

Light a cigar Don.

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