Friday, October 9, 2015

Day 10.192 Are We Clear on That?

Let's be clear on this. At this juncture (a open search protocol) you are seeking something.

Maybe you have said to yourself once or twice that you would like to lose some weight. Yes?

What have you done about it? Have you hoped, wished (or prayed) that Google might send you to a site somewhere where someone is selling an instant weight loss program (or pill) requiring little effort and costing only pennies a day?

You have? Don't feel alone, this is an 21 billion dollar a year industry.

You also know deep down that it is fraudulent, misleading and that you are being fleeced. Taken to the golden fleece cleaners.

I am here to stop those felonies.

And I want to start with YOU.

There is only one requirement to start. Yes, it is the hardest one yet both free of cost and available to everyone.


You absolutely have to want this to work more than anything. More than finding true love, more than a million tax free bucks, more that the adulation of your peers and more than watching your beautiful children graduate from college with honors.

It is as simple as that. No commitment = no success. You are doomed to lose more money than pounds if your commitment is not the first step.

Do you want to start?

First realize that weight loss is NOT the primary result of indoor cycling, Jazzercize or Zumba.

If you really want (are committed) to losing weight, being healthier, improving your fitness and feeling exponentially better about yourself (confidence) you must know what the used-car marketeers want to keep as their secret - and subsequently sell to you - that:

Weight is lost in the kitchen (or fast food joint), and fitness found in the gym (or home).

We execute a safe and effective plan incorporating these basic principles. We do them together, meaning you and I, and it and them. Please realize that progress is a process, and that this will not happen overnight.

We eat right. We train right. Better, we have fun doing it. Because we add accountability, inspiration and entertainment.

Together these form a powerful health and fitness combination. You lose weight as you gain fitness.

All you need to do is totally commit.

Are we clear on that?

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