Monday, October 26, 2015

Day 10.209 National Indoor Cycling Day

I took the liberty to coin a new National Holiday today. Welcome to:

National Indoor Cycling Day. NICD. This joyous event will take place henceforth on the Monday prior to Halloween to perpetuity.

No one needs to take a day off, flags can remain at full mast and banks will stay open. The only thing we need to do to comply with the intent of this new and exciting holiday is to put your butt in a saddle somewhere.

In case we are harassed by the US Department of Holidays judicial arm for celebrating without a permit, we offer ourselves as NICD sponsors in order to provide a legal corporate umbrella. Because evidently corporations are people too. So we should be safe.

Which is one of the many reasons to ride indoors now that leaves are falling faster than the wet dollops of rain that accompany them. It is also cold and dark outside. Worse yet it appears to me that automobiles are breeding at an alarming rate - fast as rabbits if I can play a pun.

All of which combines to create both supply and demand. There is a surplus of nasty riding weather in which distracted drivers aggressively commandeer every inch of asphalt as some entitlement from paying car tab fees and road maintenance taxes. One wrong move out there and it's lights out.

Ah but the demand! So the savvy rider, knowing the value received from turning those pedals with resistance and cadence - not to mention with a tasty tune or two as accompaniment - we heard Sexy Sadie this morning - will find a way to do what must be done. And that is this:


Where it is safe, dry, supportive, stimulating, harmonious, effective and totally devoid of anything resembling fossil fuel consumption.The no pollution solution.

And now we have a not quite official yet Holiday to celebrate it!


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