Monday, October 5, 2015

Day 10.188 The 15 Commandments

MY 15 Indoor Cycling (Spin Class) Commandments

1) Be on time
2) Be prepared
3) Get correctly set up
4) Check your attitude at the door
5) No chit-chat
6) No cell phones (if you are running a fitness tracking app - pause or stop AFTER)
7) Participate in the protocol
8) If you want  to do another protocol, tell me
9) Do the work
10) If you MUST leave early - tell me in advance and
11) Do not disturb the others as you exit
12) Hydrate often
13) Energize others
14) Clean your bike and floor underneath after the session
15) Please join us in applause for each other upon completion of the session (including warm down and stretch)

This is common courtesy.
It is respectful.
You send a powerful message to others as a result of your effort and attention.
Drive safe on your way home and be sure to down some clean protein.

Hope to see you in the saddle very soon.

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