Saturday, October 17, 2015

Day 10.200 TnT 2016 Cycle Tours

I am in a bit of a quandary. As many of you know, tonight my UW Dawgs take on the visiting UO Ducks. We haven't beaten them, or even come close, in eleven years. ELEVEN LONG YEARS. Tonight is not only homecoming but the first time in that span of painful time that we are actually favored by Las Vegas. I am still nervous as all get out. And trying to do whatever I can to help. We talked about it in class this morning using the contribution factor. As in  yesterdays "The World is Waiting for your Contribution" themeology. A linebacker can, a running back can, a free safety can and the left tackle can. But me? Say a prayer and cheer is about it. My quandary is this: I would like to symbolically inspire the entire Dawg family today by eating some duck - but I am vegetarian. Guess my boys will have to get it done on their own because I refuse to stoop so low (on the food chain).

After the following update on the Best Indoor Cycling Trips and Tours (TnT) package I will, as is our custom, give you my game prediction.


We will offer four outstanding biking trips in the Great Pacific Northwest for 2016.

Chilly Hilly - A one day 33 miler that is tackled each February by 4,000+ riders.
Fun 101 - A five day trek around the spectacular Olympic Peninsula on legendary Hwy101
Hurricane Ridge - An 18 mile ascent (and subsequent descent) featuring 4K gain.
Mt. St. Helens - 42 up and 42 back on the Tour de Blast course.

All Best Indoor Cycling tours are fully supported and led by experts on the route, terrain, secrets, and must see spots. Here is what you get:

The You Tube video of a live training session in the PowerBarn (45 minutes)
The target ride HD video set as a 2x20 session with GPS available.
The chance to commit early (50%) and commit to the ride via Pal Pay.
A fully supported ride in 2016. See PowerBarn calendar for specifics and price.
A free download of the ride with you as participant upon completion.

What could be better than that? Advance course-specific training with video and GPS, full day of ride logistical support, the ride led by a course veteran and a video of the ride upon completion.

We are launching with Bainbridge Island's famous Chilly Hilly because it is first on the 2016 calendar. The complete tentative schedule is as follows:

Chilly Hilly - Last Sunday in February.
Fun 101 - Last week of May.
Hurricane Ridge - June and July.
Mt St Helens - August

Additional rides, trips and tours will be added as demand increases. I, for one, would love to get back to Mexico and Alaska as we did on the CompuTrainer tours in 2010. We did them by cruise ship and they were, to take a page from the Mt St Helens playbook, a blast.

Our TnT rides are dynamite days sure to create lasting memories. And how could you ever forget when we provide a video recap of the trip?

Please sign up today and reserve your place for one or all of our exciting 2016 rides.

The epic awaits.

Huskies play the most inspired four quarters of football seen on Montlake since 2000 and march to a 30-21 victory. Chaos ensues and duck is devoured by all. Except me. I will, however, hoist a cold one in their honor.


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