Friday, October 16, 2015

Day 10.199 The World Awaits

As you most likely know by now, I am big on synergy. Combinations, amalgamations, farragoes, mash-ups. I once used this somewhat pithy line in a commercial for a promotion we were running called Bike Week: Rice and beans may be the best recovery food ever invented.

You get the idea. Peanut butter cups, triathlon and espresso with a almond croissant get honorable mentions here. As do the play action pass, three-part harmony and dinner and a movie.

I am really, no really, excited about our new project, the soon to be famous (fame being relative) go-to website carrying the URL of You can take a wild guess as to the content.

As way of updating you on progress, here are three items creating current energy flow (I could have said current current):

1) We have set November1 as launch date.
2) I have a sponsorship meeting Tuesday.
3) Design elements are underway, media assembled and wheels of revenue detailed.

How is that for a medley?

To date (almost) everything has fit nicely into place. Like when you randomly pick a puzzle piece and it fits right where you need it most. This is the single element that needed to pop. It HAD to happen in order to keep my attention flowing in the proper creative direction. And, thankfully, it has. A validation of cosmic origin supporting the initial decision to go.

We are in the game.

Our synergy and validation theme was reinforced this morning when I read this:


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