Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Day 10.196 I Know the Ending

I will attempt to resolve the tension from the rather pithy introduction of yesterday.

One day prior I used a phrase that came to me cleverly disguised as a lightning bolt of literary inspiration. Nailed square between the eyes by the physic charge of creative energy, I jotted on my ever-faithful notepad this:

I know the ending.

As did Aristotle and Plato before him around 300 BC.

And I speak their truth.

I know the ending.

Like any good three act play, like a tale of epic lore, and as each industry-denizen of Hollywood understands, the story is everything. As told in three parts, known as acts:

I. The introduction.
II.The conflict and tension. The goal explained and challenge accepted.
III.The resolution.

In both the metaphoric and literal, I know the ending. I know your ending as well as mine. I know your struggle as well as your victories. I know you as you know me (and we are all together). I knew John Lennon's end before MD Chapman did. Coo-coo-ca-choo.

I will be blunt from this point forward. Here is the ending:

You are going to get sick and die. That is our nature as human beings. No one will get out alive. We will, one day, all take another rite of passage and segue to whatever comes next. There is a strong belief that that means nothing.

What we do with that major truth is everything. Because we are all now in the second act, dealing with the challenges, issues, hardships, relationships, health problems, headaches, heartbreaks and hernias.

We are literally writing and acting our second acts today. Right now. I am scripting mine as I write to you. You are writing yours as you read this.

The opportunity, the golden one, the meaning and the message are clear.

The second act is where it's at. Here is the day. Seize it. Make it sizzle. Add some more love to the mix, get out of your comfort zone and rock. Drive your Corvette with the top down.

Let your star shine in the second act.

Because now you know the ending too.

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