Thursday, October 22, 2015

Day 10.205 How to pay for THAT?

We are making some nice progress on the new site. It is, as you developers know - and surely appreciate, a major league pain in the ass.

I hope that pain will be a small price to pay.

This morning we had another marketing meeting, in a series of such bare-boned utilitarian gatherings, with the following agreement solidified:

It is more important (right now) to bring traffic to the door and get Google to begin its ingenious indexing work, than it is to actually have something to sell the curious, intrepid adventurers that navigate to our safe harbor.

A modem marketing fact that leaves me wondering how long I have been out of the loop, so to speak.

This is computer science and technology so far over my head that I had to define hats once again with my partner, stating with emphasis that I am the content provider, and you, my dear friend, are everything else.

To be honest, I do wear one more hat as well, as I wrote another check to the guy wearing the everything else hat today.

So I should be happy that my job description has two main immediate ad urgent functions:

1) Produce written and video content.
2) Fund it. 

At the very least I have a responsibility that fills my days with joy, challenge, happiness and a rare opportunity to actually create something that will pay the aforementioned indebtedness on the fly.

I say this with as much sincerity as I can muster wearing the colorful hat of the indigent cynical jester.

So back to work we go. I have to script, shoot, edit and present the work flow concept for a presentation with the big boys one week from today.

Used to be I could simply sit at the conference table, hand out some fact sheets,  run a power point presentation and then ask for the order. They wrote a check and we went to work.

Now I have no idea of what is going on 'under the hood' but Mr Everything Else has me convinced that something called SEO will lure a million new eyes to our site every day.

I wonder how I am going to pay for THAT.

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