Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Day 10.197 Attitude

You and your attitude.

What is the one defining characteristic that differentiates me from all the others in this circus?

It sure as heck ain't my blinding speed, Olympian-like strength or Ironman champion endurance. I will readily admit to you here and now that I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer and I own no 401K, penny stocks or will one day float from a golden parachute.

But I am here and it is now. What I do with that is up to me. I still want to compete, improve and race. I will continue to train every day as if my next event was going to be covered by ESPNHD. This drives me.

It also assists with my motivation by relentlessly projecting my efforts onto the course of everyday improvement. The process. If I think I am a champion I might train with the proper intensity that it takes to win. If I can somehow increase my levels of awareness, presence, humility and joy as this training is unfolding along the process, I just might get lucky one fine day and actually succeed. GO ME!!!

I can live with 'failure to podium' if I can brutally access my effort and rate it as best I could under the current circumstances using the tools, experience and wisdom at my disposal.

What separates those that make it from those that don't isn't the bike they ride, shoes they don or supplements they devour….

….it is attitude.

There is an option available to you right now that can push your agenda and you know exactly what it is. Need another illustration? How about this one from our band-mates:

        A wrong note played timidly is a wrong note.
        A wrong note played with authority is an interpretation.


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