Thursday, February 26, 2015

Day 2.57 Turn Pro

This morning I joined a user forum sponsored by the American Heart Association specifically for folks with AFib. I felt obliged to author a brief intro and used my exercise regimen as topic. It felt somewhat like posting a first bio in a personals forum. It felt unworthy. I really don't have a glaring need. I am not lonely. I don't need, or want? a spouse. I am no longer feeling on the edge of the ledge. I am not seeking a height-weight proportionate, Buddhist, long-course triathlete intellectual with a masters degree in English literature for a short term walk in the park.

I am wanting to share my experience in the hope that it just might help someone going through the same nightmare.

I think a lot of people with AFib give up. Same with exercise and diet. When one comes to the dance of discipline, where your daily choices build to a crescendo of fit or fat, where the hard-earned gains come from consistent work, many toss the towel, refuse to even try, never get on the dance floor to shake whatever thing they bring. I have used it as an excuse, the old, "not feeling well so I cannot do it' line. Weak.

So we start to accept the results. We slow down. We move less. We eat more. We binge on TV. We self medicate. We constrict.

And we get sick.

We cannot give up. EVER. That is not an option. We must show up daily, committed to fighting the good fight. Yes, we can call it a dance, dosing with gumption and grace, but when the time comes for choice, like right now, you gotta be strong. You gotta fight. You gotta get off the canvas and get back in the ring. You gotta throw. Drive fast, find love, don't get caught.

That was my message to my friends suffering from heart ailments. DON'T GIVE UP. Eat good, exercise daily, rest. I know it can be ridiculously hard, but that is our challenge. Face it as a professional.

Dunno, maybe Hunter S. Thompson wasn't the best role model around, but he sure had a knack for nailing the shadow side. I love this quote.

Turn Pro.

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