Friday, February 13, 2015

Day 2.44 The Top of the Stairs

THAT was yesterday.

I am in charge of today. My task is in honoring the present moment. There are things to be done - and if they are to be - it is up to me.

I am fully committed to bringing them to fruition.

So onward we labor. This step followed by several more until……..

I was told that the average word count for a novel is 64K. That is is way less than what I would have guessed. I write about 250 words a day. The math indicates that I should be able to write a novel in just under a year. Quentin Tarantino worked for ten years on the screenplay for Inglorious Basterds by comparison.

But one must have a story to tell. That is the hundred foot high hurdle. What is my story? What is at the top of the stairs?

As the plot thickens for new projects for spring and summer (and I write another 200 words to pitch the plan) I think that this exercise helps. Just sitting down to script this petty post helps. It becomes habit and little by little the quality improves.

Better yet is that the quality, while important, plays second fiddle to the actual doing. Just because I can't ride my racing bike as fast as Rohan Dennis does not keep me out of the saddle. Because I cannot write with the aplomb and style of Patrick O'Brian does not mean I will quit. I cannot play my guitar like Jerry, but I try.

There was a time when seeking perfection was more important than the search for improvement.

That was yesterday.

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