Thursday, February 12, 2015

Day 2.43 Escape from Alcatraz

Escapism is the Enemy.

Get me out of the present situation Facebook.
Take me away from this circumstance cable TV.
PLEASE remove this boredom professional sports.
Occupy my mind Game of Thrones.
Comfort me Big Mac.

I could go on. And yes, I play the hypocrite today. Because you know of my addiction to the series 24. I am one disc, four episodes, away from finishing Season Three (Jack just cut off the hand of his partner with an emergency axe to remove a bomb strapped to his wrist), so to keep my down-time (withdrawals) to a minimum I ordered Season Four (from Goodwill of San Diego) for ninety-nine cents (and three ninety-nine S&H). Say what you will about quality film making, superb script writing, award-winning direction and magnificent acting, it is still a drain on my time in the not-so subtle form of escapism. I am not Jack.

Non participatory mindless entertainment is causing some devastating problems in our country.

Thank the Good Lord that I am also an exercise junkie. Where everything is measured and micro-managed. If I want another cheese and avocado sandwich on extra-sour seedy-loaf, it will cost me a thirty minute hilly run. If I succumb to the urge for self medication in the form of India Pale Ale (while watching 24) I am going to do a 2x20 set in our facility. If I am to reach my racing weight (160) by 'A' race day, June 27, I am going to have to execute a plan whose tactics include strict adherence to the mantra of 'No escape'. It can't be then and it can't be there. It is here in every day and now with every minute.

I need to stay focused. Keep my spatio-temporal displacement restricted to dream time. Then I can escape and try to earn a spot on the CTU team or win a big race.

Certainly there is a balance issue. Entertainment is OK when relaxing from a hard effort. There is lots to learn from the exploits of athletes at the top of their games and if a bowl of Ben & Jerry's is the proverbial dangling carrot, use it.

But don't abuse it. Don't let it become habit. Reward yourself for effort, activity and good old fashioned labor. Do not escape. You wanna escape? Try this! Escapism is the Enemy.

And Jack is watching. Trust me.

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