Thursday, February 19, 2015

Day 2.50 Clear

Most of the time it is clear.

I write to accomplish three main reasons, known here as the trimary objectives.

ONE: Simply to write. Very much the same way that we just breathe, simply eat and rest when necessary. There is a primal need for self expression, the style of which can border on art. Yes, I realize that many, many others create good, often great art through story-telling, but I humbly submit that most reside in border states.

TWO: To reinforce my motivation. For those of you that have been around awhile you know that I regularly touch upon a handful of subjects, the all-time topic leader being health & fitness. By a mile. To say that there is a close second would be a gross strategic misrepresentation. I need to stay motivated, inspired and relentlessly moving towards my goals. That means every day. Even the days when I don't 100% feel like doing the scheduled activity. That takes some mojo and it helps me tremendously to script a routine and then execute to the best of my ability.

THREE: Communication. While my petty existence on this rock pales in comparison to the notoriety and celebrity enjoyed (managed) by others, I have an unique perspective that I am willing to unabashedly share. After all, how many 63 year old, Irish-Italian, health and fitness professions producing indoor cycle training videos with a pacemaker implant do you know?

That is what I thought.

To write as discipline.
To self motivate.
To communicate.


(most of the time)

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