Monday, February 9, 2015

Day 2.40 Si?

Commitment Creates Confidence.

Three Cs to kick-start this miraculous opportunity we have been given. Additionally, as footnote, it makes little difference who we were given this opportunity by. We have it, it is here and we call it today.

We spoke this morning in the usual way.

How's it going?

Fine, getting there.

All acceptable and proper. But there's more.

As in, where, exactly is there?

Where do we find this elusive there? This place that seems to be everyone's goal, yet a destination we cannot locate with coordinates or GPS and is tagged by nary a colored map-pin. Have you ever been lost and asked someone where you might find 'there'?

Where? They would say.

There is here. This is that. One's commitment to the intensity and power of the flowing now is it. Commit to the now and the then will show up when it is good and ready. Commitment creates confidence. Confidence is critical if we are to endure and conquer the challenges of this day.

That is one of the important reasons we work the body first. The first thing. We hit each day running. Full speed ahead. There is lots to do and not a moment to waste.  Prime your engine, fine tune it and head out to the track.

With commitment and confidence the mind will find solutions, create good art and appreciate your opportunity to serve.

Allied, your body and mind seek spirit as the final piece of the puzzle.

Why would you wait till tomorrow when that is here today?


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