Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Day 2.34 No Distraction Zone

I consider the meaning carefully as it intrigues me.

Wisdom is knowing what to ignore.

I really like this one. With a note of serendipity and a pinch of awe, it seems to me that it harmoniously follows my earlier suggestion that we enter the NO DISTRACTION zone when training.

And, as you are by now aware, perhaps even irritatingly so, I measure indoor training as proxy for everything that happens outdoors.

This makes it special, important, challenging and meaningful. The practice becoming all-inclusive, total and urgent. The goal is the road on the eternal path of now.

Distraction being private enemy number one. There are so many ways we are distracted. We recently witnessed perhaps the biggest distraction on Sunday where the National Football League staged its annual tribute to itself. Blasphemy, you shout?

Not hardly. Just fact. Want some other examples?

The news
YouTube, Facebook, Twitter
Your cell phone
Professional sports
Health Care
Alcohol and tobacco

The disclaimer being that if you choose to partake of one of the above, give THAT everything you've got, rendering the distraction a practice. Don't do anything mindlessly is the objective.

Anything that keeps you removed from the task of the present moment is a distraction. When we train, just train. Keep it here. Therefore the trick is to discern what has quality (heart) from the meaningless (without heart). The wise take the meaning and leave the remainder. They ignore the distractions and keep eyes on the prize.

That being, of course, the present.

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