Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Day 2.48 Let 'er Rip

I can't recall a nicer mid February. Sandwiched between the festive (?) days of Valentine's and the Presidents (there is something to celebrate) we have seen record highs. Sunny in Seattle? My first thought as the sun rose over the Seattle silhouette this morning was:



I will get in my ever lengthening run this morning (I am up to 30 minutes) and spin tonight but that is a far, far cry from 2.4, 112 and 26.2. But we are moving in that direction.

We discussed last night after a steady-state 2x20 set, the importance and value of having a red circle on your calendar. Something to work towards. Something that provides motivation when you are running a touch low. D-Day.

My big event (so far) is the Pacific Crest Triathlon in Bend, OR on June 27. I have no business even contemplating a half IM, but so what, who cares?

I do.  Once I ante up the entry fee I am just like everyone else. Get to the start line as race-ready as possible and let 'er rip.

So with the sun on my shoulders as training partner, here we go.

This weekend is our little Island's biggest event. Chilly Hilly. It draws roughly 5K participants despite the (normally) frigid temps and 2,650 ft of relentless elevation gain. As this video attests and announces I will be shooting (on Saturday) for our latest project Real Course Video for Multi-Rider. It will be our humble contribution to the exciting world of indoor cycle training with the RCV brand from CompuTrainer.

I will be talking more about this once we are done playing in the sun today.

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