Monday, February 23, 2015

Day 2.54 This Path

On the occasion of what would have been Mom's 83rd birthday yesterday, I thought how nice it would be to call all her offspring and give them some good news. Tell them that I just won the lottery or something. But the best I could come up with was that I am still standing, health improving and that I put in a solid, hard week of work. And that I love them all as much as she did.

Dad gave me the pictured money clip. I think he still envisions me becoming a millionaire some day. That seems to be the metaphor.

I hate to disappoint, but…..Dad, I have failed in this regard. And although I will keep trying, it is more important to me to flow my heart as it is to follow the money. I hope you understand.

I sincerely hope that I did ONE THING that provided a sense of pride in Mom as I also trust that I still have some time to do the same with Dad. I am working on it.

It would be so easy to say I am a success (and you should be proud) because of the bills I keep in right front pocket. But, it (somewhat) pains me to say:

That will not be this path.

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