Sunday, February 8, 2015


It has been said that to improve, one must do the thing that one wishes to improve upon.

I take this to mean that if I wish to improve my fitness, I must preform the acts that will accomplish this noble objective. I must move my bag of bones, increase my (compromised) heart rate, lift heavy objects, and enhance the duration that I am able to sustain with all of the above. Of course I must also rest and recover well, nourish and fuel, stretch and stay injury free. That is the thing.

Same goes for everything.

Playing my ukulele. Editing video. Improving my writing. Maintaining my truck. Making a better omelet or giving a better massage. Directing a tournament.

You have to do it, whatever it is, to master it. So we practice. Repeats. Reps. Lean from mistakes. Overcome the fright.

Interestingly, you have to do it now. Tomorrow is too late. Everything changes tomorrow.

Suppose you want to become less callus. Suppose you would like to grow thicker skin. What if you desire to assist those in need of help more often?

What would you do? What steps would you take to progress?

Just think about it? Worry about it? Procrastinate because you know there will surely follow another level of challenge as a direct result of your actions? Accept the present as 'what it is'? Apply for welfare? Pour another drink?

RIGHT. You would do what will move you closer to your goals. Even if that is one puny inch at a time. Am I...


And what will move you closer to your goals, what moves us all closer to our goals, is to do. To act. To do the thing.


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