Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Day 2.41 Becoming an Expert

I am NOT an expert.

I say this because it is important to understand. For all of us.

All I do is saturate my cells with information, data, anecdotes, stories, examples, histories, news, reports, bios, success' and failures. I match all this with my existing experiences and see what adds, or what detracts.

I then go out and test.

If it works, great, if not great.

I think we can learn a lot by noting what doesn't work, at least for ourselves, by witnessing what obviously doesn't work for others.

That is one of the main reasons why we use the 'training is testing' idiom. This is not one size fits all.

Most of what I think, say and do is designed to push this agenda. There is a covert operation taking place every time I saddle up and try something different. I especially like those that involve the mental aspects of what we do. My simple goal is to create positive and healthy habits.

But what keeps me motivated? What keeps our fickle focus fixed? How can I overcome my glaring limitations? How important, really is all this in the big picture?

Having a passion, being inquisitive, wanting results, staying true to myself while marching to that relentless drumming in my heart, makes me an expert on one thing: Me.

Additionally then, please pardon my use of this site to note the occasional glimpses of random cosmic input that come to my wandering attention (some flashing like a meteor - others floating like a feather). This is my dented, rusty, beat-up and bent communication on my search for meaning.

And of that search I am an expert.

Or becoming one, rather.

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