Saturday, February 14, 2015

Day 2.45 50% is Wrong

The indoor cycling classes that I lead are a challenge.

To the group as well as myself.

I am tasked with the choreography, the protocols and the entertainment. It is a ritual that after all these years I should see as routine. And the physical part is.

But everything else remains somewhat like the performance of a play, one you have done countless times. Or the playing of a song that you have preformed a thousand times. Or a race. We have been here before.

The challenge becomes change. Because each performance, rendition, act or game is the opportunity to do something different, something fresh, something perhaps a little better than the times before. It is a place with room for improvement.

I fully accept that challenge. Sometimes, like today, I fail. I fall woefully short of the level of quality I have established as the norm. Something is missing, balance out of true. If I ad-lib a session, eventually I default to what I know. Or think I know. It is amazing to me how many times what I think I know is wrong.

One of my mentors, Dr. Timothy Noakes says that 50% of what we teach is wrong. The problem is that we don't know what 50% it is. I feel like I have proven Dr Noake's theory.

If you watch the Ted Talks video here in which Dr Noakes talks about four of the elements that we are most concerned with, motivation, muscle, hydration and diet, you will quickly see of what I speak. Additionally, he leaves us with a challenge of universal importance.

To find the truth.

I believe this is a holy grail. Our path. Our mission.

So we test. We listen and we learn. We take the elements that are true to us and discard those that ring false. Judas notes, pianists call it.

In our Valentine's Day set this morning we explored the many facets of love. My testing and my training strongly suggest that experiencing its many forms is a powerful way to enjoy this wild and wacky ride, indoors and out.

Happy Valentine's Day.

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