Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Day 2.56 YES

This morning was one of those.

The definitive answer to one of the big questions.


Less than three hours ago, after a very difficult cycling set, a shot of protein and a dozen ounces of water, I heard the endorphin choir belt a joyous hallelujah.

YES! We did it. Eight super hard blasts at maximum intensity for thirty seconds followed by a time bending ninety second recovery. Ten times.

We did these for eight weeks and today was the final. We now have eight weeks 'off' before another block.

They are insane. They are miserable. They are incredible. They are gold.

I feel like a million bucks. Part of this being as a result of finally (I pray) getting past the 'mucous on the lungs' issue that has plagued for almost as long as the block. It has been a capitol pain. Additionally, I just might be adapting to the medications along with adapting the the physical, muscular and mental demands of the protocol.

This is good news. Today I am a happy guy.

I may not be doing it all right, but this morning was one of those days where one question was answered with a roaring yes.


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