Friday, February 20, 2015

Day 2.51 Baked Rock?

I was asked in the locker run after a rather obnoxious spin set this morning, why I so often shout out food from the pulpit. I had mentioned my sweet-tooth weakness of deep fried dough laced with simple carbohydrates. Additionally I suggested that we use these and other types of junk food as fuel on rides and as rewards for serious effort. Want a glazer? Gimme an hour in the saddle. Like pizza? Run for it.

For the athlete in training, a great portion of success comes from our choices in diet and exercise. This may seem like a no-duh statement, but the application in real life is a challenge and a chore. When they say that what you eat, you are, there is precise sagacity in the cliche. I do not want to show up for my next race looking like I work in the Krispy Kreme R&D department.

I stumbled across this somewhat pithy, but profoundly poignant placard yesterday, and it solidly hit home (the eye of the bull?), see what you think.

Apply your work ethic to your work-outs. Do not give anyone the opportunity to think of you as lazy, distracted, inefficient or weak. Do not give yourself that opportunity either. Embrace the work part of your workout, Get immersed in it.

None of the "make exercise so fun that you don't know it's exercise" crap. It's work, dammit. It's hard, and it pays off every time. Don't think workouts needs to be hop-scotch, hula-hoop or Zumba in order to be enjoyable. "Fun" workouts can consist of PRs, muscle pumps, brutal time under tension, bloody shirts, breathlessness and torn calluses.

Baked rock anyone?

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